Need a Cheating Spouse Detective?- Get Cell Phone Spyware Software Instead

Is your marriage crumbling because of possible marital infidelity by your spouse? Are you at your breaking point and thinking of hiring a Cheating Spouse Detective to confirm if your spouse is cheating on you? 

If your not 100% sure, and your suspicions are just that at this point, before you hire a private detective, consider using an undetectable mobile phone spyware first.   

The mobile spy is cheap, accurate and much less expensive than the daily rates of a private detective.

Especially if you’re not even sure your spouse is playing around, and just want to check up on them.  

Hiring a private detective to follow a spouse around all day can be a very costly expense. Typical private investigator fees could easily top 250.00 a day.  

And, that’s without expenses. The average cost of investigating and proving marital cheating is over 5,000.00 dollars an investigation.

Cell Phone Spyware Software costs less than 1 day of a cheating spouse surveillance fee, and can give the user extremely private and valuable information within 20 minutes.  

The user only needs to load the spyware software into their spouses phone and within minutes they can:  

  • Read Their Spouses Private Text Messages on Their Computer
  • Eavesdrop on Cellphone Calls From Their Laptop
  • Spy on eMails From Their Office at Work
  • Get the GPS Location of Their Spouses Mobile Phone and See Where They are at Anytime
  • Remotely Turn on Their Spouses Cellphone Microphone for Spying on Conversations When Their Spouse is “Out of Town on Business”

By using the cell phone spyware the user can conduct their own cheating spouse investigations at a fraction of the cost of a private investigator.

Saving them thousands of dollars that could be used to hire a good divorce attorney, if indeed they find their spouse is cheating on them.  

Within 20 minutes of access to the suspected cheaters mobile phone, the mobile spy software can be installed and the detective process can begin gathering the proof against a cheating spouse. Proof that can be used in divorce court.

Once the software is loaded into the mobile phone, all the information contained in the phones memory can be immediately downloaded to a home computer where the files are organized into email, voice mail, text messaging, and even deleted files can be searched.  

And, once the cell phone spyware software is installed, the user can log onto their computer at anytime and remotely eavesdrop on their spouses cellphone calls in live time.

They can also remotely turn on the microphone and listen in on private conversations of their spouse, and whomever they’re with.  

The mobile phone spy is a cheaper alternative to hiring a private detective, and an undetectable way to gather the proof to confront your spouse if indeed they are caught.

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If you think you need a good cheating spouse detective, go with the Cell Phone Spyware first and save yourself a ton of cash. Visit Cell Phone Technologies for more information.

Tom Palmieri, Ezine Author


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