Just What Is An Electric Bike?

With the price of gasoline rising and falling like a roller coaster, many people are seeking out alternative modes of transportation. To beat the expenses and help the environment, some are finding the electric bike provides the perfect solution. This hybrid machine isn’t really a bicycle and it’s not quite a scooter or motorcycle, but it can offer some of the advantages of both.

So, just what is an electric bike?

This type of vehicle is a bicycle that can operate on either human power or electric power for pedaling. When electric power is kicked in, the bike can travel at speeds that exceed 20 miles per hour and do so without eating up gasoline or creating emissions in the process. More efficient than a standard bike, but not as costly as a true scooter or motorcycle, the electric bicycle presents a best-of-both-worlds situation for users.

There are a number of advantages that can go along with using an electric bike for short-distance commutes. They include:

  • The power – Electric bicycles can function exactly like a bike and be used solely as such. When there is a need for an extra power boost, however, these machines can provide. For example, a rider can use personal pedal power for an entire trip, but kick on the electric to make climbing a hill easier on the legs and lungs. This makes the electric bike well suited for day-to-day commuting, exercise and more. 
  • The safety – Electric bikes offer all the safety features of a regular bike with a little twist. They have the power to get out of their own way or a car’s when the need arises. This is a big positive for bicycle riders in high-traffic areas. 
  • The operational and purchase expenses – Electric bikes are fairly reasonable to purchase and they do not cost much to operation. Insurance is generally not needed to ride these machines and there is no worry about having to pay at the pump. What’s more; electric bikes tend to hold their value quite nicely for resale.
  • The green factor – Electric bikes are an excellent alternative for the environment. They do not require gasoline and they do not produce emissions. This makes using an electric bike to replace vehicle transit an excellent choice for reducing personal carbon footprints. If an electric bike happens to pull its power from solar energy, the green factor and sustainability can be even more impressive.
  • The speed – Electric bikes can travel faster than standard bicycles and do so without forcing the rider to break a sweat. Electric power, for example, can be used to get to work without messing up a professional look. On the way home, pedal power can come into play for a bit of exercise.

The electric bike is an alternative transportation machine that can make commuting a pleasure. Operating on people or electric power, this low-impact machine is fast becoming a popular replacement for cars for short-distance transit. The versatility of this type of bike is hard to top.

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