Is He Cheating? Five Telltale Signs and How to Catch Him Red Handed

The sad fact is that around 60% of married men will cheat on their wives.  It can be very hard to catch a cheating husband however as men can be very devious in covering there tracks.  Later in this article I will show you a failsafe way to catch a cheating husband.

First let’s look at the tell-tale signs of a cheating husband.

Bedroom – Has his sex drive changed for no good reason?  If he has gone off sex or started asking for different sexual acts.  It could be a sign that something is up.

Work – It is a cliche but working late is often an excuse given by cheating husbands.  Is all this overtime being reflected in his paypacket?  If he claims to be putting in all these extra hours, ask him if he is going to get a raise.  Watch his reaction for clues.

Excuses to leave the house– Is he making excuses to go out all the time?  Does he say he has to go help a friend?  Has he taken up a new hobby or started going out with friends more often?  Unfortunately he icould be using this time to see his mistress.

Computer – Is your husband overly protective about his computer?  Does he log off when your’e around or quickly shut down his browser?  This is very suspicious behaviour and is a classic sign of someone having an affair.

Telephone – Does he get calls at unusual times of day?  Does he sometimes leave the room to speak on his phone then make weak excuses when questioned?  Is he possesive about his phone?

Your Gut Feeling All of the above couod be explained away individualy and are not necessarily evidence of an affair.  However that deep down nagging feeling in your gut is the reason you searched for this article and is the best sign that something is up.  Women just know don’t we?

Does all this sound familiar?  Yes?  Well now I am going to show you how to find out once and for all if he is cheating. The secret to succesfully confronting a cheating husband is to have rock solid undeniable evidence.  If you cannot prove 100% he will squirm his way out of it, believe me.

That horrible nagging feeling that he is cheating is the worst thing about it.  Believe me it is better to know and face the consequences than live with the doubt.

I caught my husband cheating by spying on his phone.  I downloaded a cheap piece of software onto his cell phone and it basically let me monitor everything he was doing.  The software was impossible to detect and his cell phone looked exactly the same as before. This was important to me as he was a suspicious type.

Anyway once I had installed the software I could log onto my laptop anytime I wanted and I could see all his incoming and outgoing SMS messages.  It also gave me a log of all his phone calls and co-ordinates to his location on a google map.

It wasn’t long until I had enough evidence to 100% prove that he had been cheating.  I also had her name, phone number and the location of where they met on a google map.  When I confronted him he was shocked, but he admitted the whole thing without even trying to deny it.  I mean what could he do?  This firmly put me back in control of the situation and stopped me feeling like a victim.   Do you want to know once and for all if your husband is cheating? Find Out Now!

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After I proved the affair it was actually a huge relief.  I no longer had that nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach and I could get on with my life again.  You owe it to yourself to find out the truth and take control of your life


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