Ice Rink Tarps

With modern building materials you can readily build a custom ice skating rink in your own backyard. With enough good heavy duty tarps and a few additions it is almost too easy to accomplish.

You will need at least two days worth of time where it is below thirty degrees for it to freeze the amount of water you will require. Next you will need a flat area of ground in the diameter you desire your rink to be.

You will require enough PVC pipe of at least two inches in height to fit the diameter you measure, as well as, enough pipe and joints to be placed around the rink. You will ,also, need to purchase enough heavy duty sealant, that is winter resistant, for the size of area you chose. However, the most important part in this endeavor is a a set of good quality heavy duty polyurethane tarps.

Once you have cleared the area of debris and obstructions, measure out your rink area and decided on an overall design. A simple circle or square are the easiest shapes to work with. You will need to bring your quality heavy duty tarp, easily purchased from a hardware store or from a site on the web,  to the working area and lay it down to act as the base.

Then bring your pipes to the center of the new rink you are going to build. Then begin piecing them together in the pattern you chose. Once you have accomplished this, you will have to go around the outside of your new rink and cut away the excess tarp. Leave a minimum of one inch around the new ice or hockey rink you are building so that you can accomplish the next step. You may leave a little more if you desire, but for the sake of aesthetics you may end up once again cutting off some of the excess after it is sealed.

Once the cutting is complete you will go around and tightly seal the perimeter with the heavy duty winter sealant I informed you to purchase earlier. Make certain the seal is tight by following your sealants directions as you apply it.

Then just fill the area with a water hose and wait for it to freeze. With a few pipes and a set of quality heavy duty tarps you can be skating or rough housing on the ice in only a few days

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