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There are virtually thousands of Travel Agents and an equal number of travel websites/portals offering you cheap and economical Flight Tickets. Most big time travel agents and travel portals have some sort of tie-up with certain airlines.  They get hefty discounts on bulk purchases which most pass on to the customer. If you take advice of your friends, they will suggest you to some travel portal they have recently been to.  But most people are not aware that the travel portals and travel agents that are around are mostly specialized in one way or other.  Some are specialized in Domestic Travel, some other are specialized in International Travel, and yet some other are specialized in Last Minute flight tickets.  This means that the travel agents or travel portals that are specialized in something can provide you with better fares for that category of travel.

Monday the first working day is the busiest of all days.  Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are the best days for travel, as fewer people travel on the week days and hence tickets are cheaper, be flexible with your travel dates.

Try opting for odd time for travel that fewer people prefer. This way there won’t be much demand for this kind of flights and hence are cheaper.

One way flights cost as much as round trip, so it makes sense to buy your cheap airline tickets for a round trip if you are planning to return to your origin.

Try going to the airlines official website directly, sometimes the airlines have discount offers going and they prove to be much cheaper than that of travel agents.

Be aware and keep yourself updated through newspapers, magazines, internet and other media about discounts and offers. Sometimes airlines sell their own tickets bypassing their usual track going through travel agents web portals. These fares can be a lot of cheaper than what travel agents can provide you with.

If its not urgent, it is always a good idea to book your tickets in advance. Reserving at least 21 days a head, book your tickets even earlier for holidays in festival seasons, particularly in November and December  Keep in mind that holiday ‘blackout periods’ may prevent you from using frequent-flier miles.

Before concluding I would suggest you to do a little online survey of at least 5 travel portals to search for the cheapest fare.

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Turkish Airlines 737-800 TC-JFT.
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