Different Types of Above Ground Pools With Decks

Getting a backyard swimming pool is an excellent idea but thoughts soon extend to include a deck with loungers. One does not stay in the water forever, what happens if you want to lie in the sun and bask for a bit? Above ground pools with decks are available in a wide range of choices and prices, no need to bust the bank.

When choosing an above ground pool few people think of above ground pools with decks. The choice generally centers around a pool only and it is usually later that people begin to realize that a deck would be a good idea. There are people who spend all their time in the water and really don’t feel the need to lounge outside on a deck. Such people tend to overlook the fact that above ground pools with decks are the best option especially when you consider the rest of the family and friends.

If above ground pools with decks did not even enter your thought process, no problem. In today’s advanced age, getting a deck installed is as easy as pie. For the people reading this article who are contemplating installing a pool, you should know that above ground pools with decks are not all that expensive. Furthermore, you will be greatly enhancing the appearance of your backyard pool area and elevating your above ground pool to a higher level.

Now that we have discussed the need for above ground pools with decks, it is time to look at the options available in terms of different types of above ground pools with decks.

You have a choice of two types of decks: the attached deck and the freestanding deck. It is important to note that both types of decks are equally functional, the difference is just a matter of individual choice. It also depends on how much space you have in your garden or backyard to install the deck. You can get above ground pools with decks that are attached completely or partially around the pool. Whether the deck wraps completely or partially, you can choose the deck based on your requirements. Do you just need a space to walk around on or to put chairs on or to put loungers on? Would you like the deck to extend up to your patio and/or the back door? Depending on the kind of budget you have and the space you have, you can consult a professional designer to build you a dream deck and help point out money saving tips in the process.

Above ground pools with decks that are free standing consist of a platform and ladder fitted to the pool side to provide a no fuss entry into your pool. With a free standing deck, 2 people at best can stand on it. However, no sitting or lounging is possible with this type of deck. It is a simple, basic, functional platform used to get in and out of your pool. These above ground pools with decks consist of two ladders, one to get up to the platform and one to get into the pool. You can choose the gated type for added security, since it can be locked when the pool is not in use. These decks are very easy to install, just pick up the assembly kit from your local DIY store and put it together in about one hour.

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