Design Your Own Koozie

Koozies can be the coolest thing to have. It can keep your cold drinks cold and your warm drinks warm. It also makes a great gift and you can also personalize your own Koozies online. Creating the look of your own Koozies for companies wanting to promote their goods and services family reunions, BBQ’s, picnics, weddings, birthdays or whatever the special or not so special occasion may be the perfect party idea and gift idea too. Designing your own Koozies is simple and easy to do. You just need to get online and do a search for companies that manufacture them and you are all good to go. You will find that Koozies can be tailored any way that you need them to be and for any look you have in mind. If you use your imagination is turned on and your creative ability is in working order you will be able to come up with a design that will work for whatever you are planning to use them for.

Online Koozies retailers will allow you to browse their collection of possible designs. You can match and mix images along with the text as well. The imprint text is limitless, however some imprinters may be narrowed to the text from the fonts on Microsoft, however, you can use your own computer images and text if you would like to. This is the prefect way to really make your Koozie perfect gift for a friend or a family member. The online galleries are only suggestions for you if you like. One way to make sure that you make the most of designing your Koozies is to get a pre-formed graphic that you like and alter it to your liking. There are also different types of Koozies that you may wish to choose from. There is the foam can Koozies, they are durable, fun and easy to print on both sides. They have a long life span and come in several different colors, such as, black, burnt orange, forest green, purple, natural, lime green, turquoise, pink and many other colors. There are also collapsible can Koozies. They are portable and great for traveling since you can lay them flat and they as well are easy to print on both sides. They come in all sorts of colors like camouflage, fuchsia, brown, camo, red and other colors.

You can also buy slip on Koozies that are made for soda bottles. They can come in the colors black, yellow, pink, hot pink and in array of different colors. Lastly, there Koozies that are made especially for water bottles. They are similar to the ones who that are made soda bottle and too come in different colors.

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