Central Texas Ranch Land

Central Texas brings to mind the beauty of rolling hills, fertile, lush valleys and low, level plateaus of stunning vistas and farmland. The area offers some of the most beautiful farming and ranch lands in the entire state. The Central Texas hill country, the lands between the Colorado and the Brazos Rivers, were among the first parts of Texas to be settled.

The earliest pioneers and families saw the wonders and value of a fertile river valley criss-crossed with streams and rivers and supported by the wonderfully temperate climate that makes farming and ranching a year round possibilities. Today’s central Texas ranch land for sale has all the same qualities and beauty that attracted those early settlers.

Unlike the forested slopes of East Texas and the dry desert lands of West Texas, central Texas is a vista of undulating hills and green, fertile valleys. The land is ideal for farming and for grazing, as well as for hunting and other recreational uses.

Imagine waking every morning to the wide open vistas of sky and miles and miles of rolling hills. This is the dream that is calling to dream investors all over the country. As baby boomers and Gen-Xers seek new investments and retirement homes, they’re flocking to the beauty of Texas lands in record numbers. The availability of large tracts of land at low prices is attracting investors of all sorts to the area; which means that those low prices are bound to start rising soon.

Types of Central Texas Ranch Land

Most often, when people think “ranch”, we think cattle and open prairie and range. The truth is far more varied than that. There are all types of ranch land for sale, from working cattle and livestock ranches to hunting ranches and recreational ranches.

Hunting Ranches

Texas offers sporting opportunities to hunters and outdoorsmen that are unparalleled. The wide open spaces and variety of terrain are filled with an enormous variety of game, from black bear to ducks and quail.

Whatever your preference in game, you’re likely to find it here. Many land developers are working to preserve the natural beauty and resources of the area, and you’ll find many West Texas hunting ranches available in larger tracts of 100 acres or more of land. Others are dividing the land into smaller parcels to offer more opportunity for smaller investors and those who simply want a small piece of heaven to call their own.

Horse Ranches in Central Texas

Horse ranching is a gentleman’s pursuit here, and you’ll find many smaller Central Texas ranches for sale that sport all the amenities: pasture, barn, tack room and beautiful home. You’ll also find many tracts of ranch land for sale ready for development. Unlike the more remote areas of East and West Texas, much of the land here will require little or no infrastructure investment to make it habitable.

You can still buy undeveloped ranch land acreage here for less than $10,000 an acre. A bargain price compared to land in most of the country. Nowhere else in the country will you find the advantages and amenities that you’ll find here. Much of the ranch land for sale is close enough to major routes that it offers easy access to the metropolitan areas of Austin, but far enough away that the pristine beauty of the land is completely unspoiled.

Whether you’re looking for investment land, or land for personal use as a primary residence, vacation home or retirement property, ranch land for sale is the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for. Central Texas offers the beauty of nature with all the modern conveniences.

From working ranches to undeveloped land, Central Texas real estate opportunities are the ideal investment vehicle for your retirement, or the perfect place to raise your family. When you choose to buy land here, you’re investing in nature, in beauty, in sports and recreation and in preserving the natural history of our land.

If you’re looking for the perfect home or the perfect investment, take your search to the verdant and fertile lands of Central Texas’ hill country. You’re sure to find ranch land for sale that’s perfect for building your dream.

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Texas Hill Country.
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