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I work for a silk flower company and I am often asked by customers if silk flowers can be left outside. Silk flowers are not made for outdoor use but will work if placed in an outside area shielded from the climate. The good news is that there is a line of artificial plants called PolyBlend that are made for outside decorating. PolyBlend gives you all the benefits of silk flowers such as they never need water nor do they make a mess, but with added benefits such as durability and lasting color.

1. Durability: PolyBlend is a special kind of flexible plastic material. Large building sized antennas are often disguised as trees using PolyBlend so that they blend into the natural environment. Therefore, this material was engineered to with stand harsh weather conditions year around. So whether you plan to line a walkway with 8 foot spiral juniper trees, hang geraniums from a basket or place potted palms poolside; you will not have to worry about the durability of the plants.

2. Lasting Color: PolyBlend was not only designed to withstand harsh climates but also to resist color fading which makes it ideal for landscaping around the home. Silk flowers might keep their color for 3-6 months if left outside. I won’t go as far as to say PolyBLend will never fade, but if it does it will not be that noticeable and will not happen for 3-5 years.

3. Waterless: If you own silk flowers than you understand the joys of never having to water or clean up their dead leaves. But up until now that joy could only be understood inside the home since silk flowers are delicate and susceptible to outside climate. PolyBlend gives you the durability to place flowers, trees and plants outside and the peace of mind of never having to maintain it.

PolyBlend, in short, is nothing more than silk flowers on steroids. PolyBlend and silk flowers share some of the same qualities like never having to be watered or pruned, but PolyBlend is also weather and fade resistant. Polyblend was designed to be the perfect outdoor artificial plant.

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English: Bouquet of flowers made of silk flowers, prepared roses and prepared gras Deutsch: Rosenstrauß aus Seidenblumen, präparierten Rosen und präparierten Gräsern.
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