Boost Sales With Display Fridges – Use Commercial Refrigeration To Present Food And Drink To Increase profits

Commercial refrigeration display fridges can boost your profits with effective presentation of products. Bottle coolers, beer fridges and display fridges used as a merchandiser is your advertising space to encourage new, increased sales. A shop display of cans, bottles and food can also increase sales with fully stocked items to encourage impulse and multi buys. Catering equipment such as display fridges and display freezers can be used in both catering and retail. Buy at

Commercial refrigeration is an essential piece of catering equipment in bars, pubs and clubs bottles can be kept in bottle coolers, which are essentially display fridges for back bar use. These can be bottle coolers or beer fridges where bottles of juices, beer, wine and mixers can be stored at optimum temperature for serving to customers. The benefit of these display fridges and bottle coolers is that they display your drinks selection without drinkers having to look at a menu or asking for items you don’t have. Often these bottle coolers and beer fridges are placed in a position where they prompt people to buy something they may not normally and so increase sales. The merchandisers are well lit with clear glass doors so the bottles are displayed well and look inviting.

Clever merchandising or presentation of products can increase your sales and profits. Caterers use refrigerated merchandisers to show products at their best. These restaurant supplies allow products to be displayed in eye catching displays in display cabinets to encourage diners to buy desserts and cold starters. If the food looks appealing it will increase sales of dishes and with the display being refrigerated there is less wastage.

Serve over counters are becoming more popular as food display counters they can be used in sandwich shops, delicatessens, shops and take away restaurants. Products can be displayed in an attractive way that will encourage customers to buy. Why not add some extras such as juice, fruit or chilled food to encourage them to buy more? Serve over counters are also great for butchers, greengrocers or fishmongers to enable a lovely food display within the correct temperature.

Commercial refrigeration can also be used for shop display of chilled items such as cans of drinks, bottles and food. A well stocked food display chiller displayed in a prominent position will encourage impulse buys of bottles and cans. A range of goods can be presented in display fridges and display freezers with glass doors encouraging sales and saving energy as customers only open the doors to take products out when buying. Display fridges such as multidecks can be used for dairy products, sandwiches and even fruit giving customers a good range to choose from.

Refrigerated display cabinets when properly presented and stocked will enable you to maximise sales and boost profits, encouraging more customers and impulse buys.

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