Work Boots For Diabetics

Diabetics must be particularly cautious when it comes to preventing foot injuries.  Even minor blisters, calluses and abrasions can lead to open wounds on the feet known as foot ulcers.  These foot ulcers are easily infected, and in worst-case scenarios, the infection enters the bone and spreads to the rest of the body.  These infections can be so serious that a toe, foot or even lower leg may need to be amputated in order to preserve the health of the rest of the body.  In fact, diabetes is the leading cause of non-traumatic amputation in the industrialized world.  
Diabetics tend to have poor circulation and dysfunctional nervous systems that make it extremely difficult for them first to identify a foot injury and then for their body to treat the infection.  Diabetics who work in hazardous or heavily physical environments put their feet at risk everyday.  Construction workers, welders, plumbers, factory workers, etc. all must go to extra lengths to protect their feet.  Work boots designed specifically for diabetics are essential.  The trick is to find a boot that is heavy-duty enough that the foot and toes are protected from trauma, but not so heavy-duty that the foot is put under unnecessary pressure.  Most diabetic work boots should be designed with a steel toe and should have extra space to accommodate custom orthotics.  

PW Minor makes a couple of different versions of a work boot.  The first is called “Hercules” and it is described as an “Oil Resistant Steel Toe Work Boot”.  This boot is designed to accommodate orthotics inside the boot, particularly in the forefoot area.  It has 25 percent additional depth, 13 percent additional ball area and an 8 inch steel toe.  The tongue and collar are padded to provide extra comfort, and the entire shoe is made from soft but acid-resistant leather.  PW Minor’s other leading work boot is called “Sampson”.  This boot has a 6 inch steel toe and similar characteristics of extra space, acid-resistant leather and padded tongue and collar.  

The shoe company Drew also makes a boot called the “Big Easy” that may be ideal for diabetics who want a lighter weight work boot and do not require a steel toe.  This boot is extra-wide and has a padded tongue and collar.  It is lined with a material specifically designed to wick away moisture and keep the feet cool and dry.  The “Big Easy” also accommodates custom orthotics and diabetic socks.

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