Unclaimed Checks Total Millions!

There are hundreds of thousands unclaimed checks lying all over the country with state governments, the federal government, insurance companies and so on. These are checks that were issued for salaries, dividends, refunds, against insurance policies, unredeemed gift certificates and a host of other reasons. Since the checks were either returned undelivered or were lost and never cashed, they are classified as unclaimed checks.

Just one state, Oregon, has unclaimed money, including unclaimed checks, totaling over $200 million and each year $32 million is added tot his amount. If one state has this much, what will be the total amount of unclaimed checks lying in all the 50 states? And what about the federal government which has billions of dollars worth of unclaimed checks for tax refunds and unclaimed Treasury bonds?

Federal and state governments, insurance companies and pension funds do their best to return this money, but more often than not the rightful owner can’t be traced. People who are entitled to these unclaimed checks have either changed their address and left no forwarding information behind or may have died leaving behind beneficiaries who do not know that they may be entitled to the finds due to the deceased person. Even if you think that nothing is due to you, it’s worth checking – you may have a fortune you don’t know about.

The problem is that there is no central source or database where all the information on unclaimed checks is available. Each state and each federal agency has it own records. To try and locate unclaimed checks due to you, you have two options:

– Start checking the websites or contacting agencies or companies where you think there many be unclaimed checks due to you. This is okay if you have an idea of where to look. If you don’t searching through so many data bases can be an unmanageable task.

– If you don’t know where or how to search for unclaimed checks, contact one of the reputed companies that have compiled the various databases into a master one of their own and will be able to use their records and search expertise to help you find unclaimed checks that are rightfully yours.

If that is too complicated you can simply enter your name in an unclaimed check search like the one offered at sites like missingmoney.com and http://www.cashunclaimed.com.

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