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Gold bars are surprisingly efficient way to store significant amounts of money, whether it be an investment or otherwise. The main concern is the worth of the gold bar at the time. Of course, most people who buy gold bars will want to look for the highest quality. That is, the more pure gold there is, the better. There are two kinds of gold bars available for sale today: Swiss PAMP Gold Bullion Bars and Credit Suisse Gold Bars.

The Swiss PAMP gold bullion bar are 24 karat or 99.99% pure gold. These are produced in Switzerland. The PAMP name is universally recognized as high quality and will be accepted in most major dealers and traders. Investments in and trades with Swiss PAMP bars are relatively smooth because of the same reason. Each bar is registered and the owner is given a certificate that guarantees the bar’s legitimacy. The Swiss PAMP gold bar comes in exactly one troy ounce.

Credit Suisse gold bars are also 24 karat, 99.99% pure gold. The Credit Suisse Bank of Switzerland, after which the gold bars are named, officially backs each and every ounce of gold released in the Credit Suisse gold bars. Again, these bars are universally recognized and very popular among traders and investors. Credit Suisse bars come by the troy ounce in a bar that is 1.625 inches by .9375 inches. Owners of the gold bar will also receive an Assay Certificate and serial number for the gold bar.

There are other gold bars, but they do not hold the same history and reputation that these two Swiss types of gold bars hold. It’s suggested that you stick with the reputable names and not wander into the unfamiliar markets where the origins of the gold bar could be questionable.

When purchasing either of these two gold bars, you must double check for any Assay Certificate and serial number. Only the reputable institutions who have been dealing these bars for quite a long time will issue both of these; it’s not suggested to purchase bars from other dealers (even if the prices are lower) because they could easily switch out the real bar with a fake without your knowing of it.

Both the Swiss PAMP gold bullion bar and the Credit Suisse gold bar are safe ways to convert cash to gold. However, this is considered an investment and prices will fluctuate without any given notice. Gold seems to fluctuate like any other commodity when the US stock markets are in flux; you can also track gold prices on the European market, which operates on a completely different track. As always, these gold bars will change in price like gold itself. After all, they are both 99.9% gold.

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