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There are numerous methods to make money on the Internet. Few require fewer qualifications and less investment than taking online surveys for money. Free paid online surveys can put money in your pockets, if you do them right. This article explains how…

There are any number of ways to make money on the Internet. Most of them have to have some up-front costs in training or buying the products or inventory for you to sell. Or perhaps they require capital investment in tools you will need. Whatever, you will find that you must spend some up-front cash in order to make anything.

There are few exceptions. Free online paid surveys is perhaps the exception that proves the rule. Large companies hire market researchers to measure consumer opinion for them. The market researchers use online surveys, asking questions designed to yield answers to their clients’ questions. To get enough survey participants they pay people for their opinions.

That way you get the free paid online surveys to take at no cost to you. Then you just fill out the questionnaire online and get a check in the mail or a deposit in your PayPal account as recompense for your participation. Other than your initial cost for a computer and a connection to the Internet, you don’t have to pay anything!

To qualify as a free online paid survey participant, you only need to be a consumer (What is a consumer? Anyone who buys and used things, like food and clothing, for example) be 18 or older, and have enough computer skills to be able to send and receive e-mails. That is all you need. Oh, and you need to have Internet access.

Can you make any money with it? Yes you can. It’s middling easy to make an extra $200 to $600 a month. If you live in an active market area and work at it a little, you can take in over $1,000 a month. Not bad pay for taking a few minutes to fill out free paid online surveys questionnaires!

To put it in perspective and give you some idea of the size of the market, there are over 800 survey makers, companies that handle the mechanics of sending out surveys and gathering responses, in the U.S. alone. There are over 3,000 worldwide. Just one, Greenfield Online, paid out more than $4.2 million to its survey participants in 2007!

There are two significant problems you will face if you seek to become a survey participant and make money with free online paid surveys. The problems are: getting access to a good list of survey makers and avoiding the low end of the spectrum sales companies posing as survey makers who will just waste your time.

Otherwise, it’s simple and straightforward. Get a list of 3-500 more-or-less good survey makers, then sign up with them as a potential survey participant. Then weed out the time-wasters that only try to sell you things, and end up with 150-200 good, paying survey makers. That’s how you make the maximum money.

There’s a lot more to know about online surveys for money… you can get more info by clicking on the links that follow…

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