Do you Need Money to Pay Bills?

Do You Need Money to Help Pay Bills?

Are you and your family in over your head trying to pay bills? Do your bills every month exceed your monthly salary? Do you need aid to get out of increasing debt? Are you ever tempted by offers for low interest debt consolidation credit cards? If your answer was yes to any of these questions, help could be on the way. The United States government sets aside literally millions of dollars each and every year in government grants for people who are beginning a small business, in financial need, or seeking a college education. The definition of a grant is free money awarded based on a financial need and is provided by the US government or another not for profit organization to promote and contribute to growth or development within a specific community. Unfortunately, many simply are not aware that they may qualify to get grant money from the government based on their need financially. Matthew Lesko, known as the Guru of Government Giveaways, is committed to help those like you that are looking for a way to pay bills while avoiding sliding further into debt.

A great deal of Americans are in major debt trying to pay their bills, but are not aware of the opportunities for free money to pay off their bills. Literally millions of dollars in grant money won’t be claimed annually primarily because people are not taking the time to fill out applications for government grants. As tax payers, U.S. citizens have the right to take advantage of several government funded programs, and many qualify for these government incentives. However, these grant programs won’t come looking for you. Matthew Lesko makes it simple by handling the research for you, and all you will have to do is fill out the application. While Lesko cannot promise that you’ll be approved for each government grant you complete an application for, he will promise there is millions of dollars in free money that you may qualify for.

There are several commercialized debt consolidation programs who are looking for those who are need desperately to find ways to pay their bills. Debt consolidation companies run advertisements all day-everyday to entice consumers with attractive low interest. The general public is not well informed on the free government grant money that is out there to help people to pay bills mostly because the government doesn’t advertise this free money so extensively. Matthew Lesko has written several different books educating the American public about how to collect free money to help to pay bills, attend college, and start a business. Free Money to Pay Your Bills, written by Matthew Lesko, is an extensive book with 770 pages which describes completely how to get government grants to help people with their bills. These bills could include health care bills, college tuition, a mortgage, rent, closing costs, childcare expenses, credit card bills, entertainment expenses, car repair bills, and even travel expenses.

Need money to help with bills? Do you desperately need more information about free government grant money for those who require assistance financially? could you use some help to get out of debt? Do you want to avoid being enticed by those tiresome, but tempting debt consolidation offers? If your answer was yes to any of those questions then you must take full advantage of the money the US government has to offer. As a United States citizen and taxpayer, it’s your right to capitalize on government funded grant opportunities. The U.S. government has free government money to give to everyday people who need help to pay for living expenses. Complete an application for a grant right now. What do you have to lose?

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M Lesko is a writer that does extensive research and study for With information and advice on government grants, he is committed to helping Americans find the money they require in order to fulfill dreams from starting a business to paying their monthly mortgage.


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