Cancer Awareness Wristbands

American cancer society has been working for years to take preventive measures against cancer awareness. Wristband with message “courage” is used to spread awareness as to how women can take preventive measures to avoid ovarian cancer. Nearly 25 percent of ovarian cancers are found at an early stage. Nearly 16,000 women lose their lives every year due to this disease. But if they are treated at an early age women can live a little longer after taking an ovarian cancer diagnosis.  American cancer society also works on prostate cancer. Light blue wristband with a message “feel the power” means measures taken to defeat prostate cancer. This disease is treatable if found early. If you buy these wristbands you can help the cancer society in spreading the word about the importance of early detection and prevention of prostate cancer.

Red wristbands represent “courage, hope and strength”. The message is written in Chinese language. Chinese community feels that it takes courage to get the disease screened, hope that a day will come when cancer will no longer be a major disease, and the strength to endure a cancer diagnosis. Purple color represents Hope. It represents that the people who have lost their life due to cancer will never be forgotten, those you face this problem with courage will be supported, and a day will come when this world will b free from cancer.

Pink wristbands represent “making strides everyday”. Millions of women every year die due to breast cancer. American society wants to explain women what they can do to prevent this disease. This wristband was created to support those who are undergoing treatment, to honor those who have lost their life, and to celebrate who have survived. If these type of wristbands are distributed it can remind women to take a check up of annual mammogram. Orange wristbands represent that “live free, smoke free”. This wristband has been created to quite smoking. Wearing this wristband will create awareness about the benefits of living a healthy, smoke free life. Smoking can lead to lung cancer.

The family members of cancer patients go through a very tough time. This wristband is created to honor cancer patients who are undergoing the treatment currently and their families who care for them. “I am strong wristbands” are created to honor cancer survivors, and the families who support them to fight against this disease. Blue wristbands represent “Fear nothing”. Every year nearly 56,000 people lose their life due to colon cancer. This wristband is for those people who are suffering due to colon cancer. This wristband can also encourage people to remind them to talk to their doctors about colon cancer screening

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Endoscopic image of colon cancer identified in the sigmoid colon on screening colonoscopy for Crohn's disease.
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