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In todays’ climate of economic recession and economic uncertainty there is a greater need for welfare and welfare assistance than in times and eras past. One could argue that the need for publics assistance programs has never been higher since the great depression.

Welfare is a wonderful social safety net for all U.S. citizens. You may be wondering how to apply for welfare. The good news is that today it is now possible to apply for welfare online. But the question for many regarding welfare is welfare qualifications. People want to know and need to know the facts concerning eligibility for welfare.

The good news is that the U.S. is a land that takes care of its own people. Unlike some other countries who shall remain nameless, the U.S. makes programs, services and benefits to those citizens who are in need. And this is the way it should be. Social service programs such as welfare, unemployment and food stamps are here and are here to stay.

But what people want to know is this: how to apply for welfare online and welfare qualifications. In times past, applying for welfare meant trekking down to the nearest welfare office, which may or may not have been anywhere near where you lived. If you did not have a car or public transportation was next to nil – you were out of luck.

Not so anymore. Things have changed.

Today, it is now possible to apply for welfare online and get your welfare benefits that are distributed through the welfare program.

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A chart showing average monthly welfare benefits (AFDC then TANF) per recipient in constant 2006 dollars..
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