Wooden Locker Bench

Imagine not having a place to sit. Have you ever been in a gym or other facility and realized that there aren’t enough places to sit? Most locker rooms and gyms will offer benches to sit on but many places simply don’t have enough. Wooden locker benches are ideal and offer any locker room or facility a finished look.

The solid wood butcher block style bench is offered in two finishes — light or dark — and also comes in lengths ranging from 36 to 96 inches. Butcher block style benches ship unassembled and are easy to assemble. Depending on the desired length, two or more pedestals mount to the base and to the floor. These wooden benches are unique because they can be ordered in various lengths at your desire where many other styles of locker room benches are only available in finite sizes which is less accommodating in areas that may require different lengths

Locker room benches have been around for longer than we think. Would you believe that the idea of the stereotypical wooden bench came from the need to have benches for our athletes! Benches were important components to the first Olympic Games and benches are offered for competing athletes as well as adorning fans! During the first Olympic Games most benches at that time were made of concrete or other material and less durable or easy assemble as today’s benches. This easy to install and durable wood benches resemble just how far the locker room bench has come.

Most people wouldn’t think twice about a wood bench located in a locker room but when you’re in need of one, you will then surely see their importance. Don’t hesitate to think that a wooden bench cannot be offered outside of a locker room. Many indoor sporting arenas such as basketball courts will take advantage of benches beside located close to the court. In the past, these benches were only used by coaches or those on the team. Today, most professional basketball courts have gotten rid of the wooden benches beside the courts.

Professional teams line courts with these wood bench seats which also work well in non-professional team settings as they are durable and long lasting to accommodate most budgets. While they are highly needed in sports and school facilities such as courtside in gymnasiums they can also be found in penal institutions such as jails, prisons, holding cells, and even court rooms where many people will enjoy the convenience and security of these durable wood benches. Since these benches offer easy installment and little to no cleaning at all maintenance and housekeeping will find these benches easy to maintain.

While a bench can be taken for granted because they are simply there, most people don’t look at or even talk about a locker room bench until they need one or cannot find one to use. Wooden locker benches with a light or a dark finish offer a professional appeal to upgrade your locker room facility or any area where a sitting area might be required. They can be used in a variety of places for a variety of reasons — not stating the obvious — sitting on them! Be sure to order your locker benches in the length that best accommodates your facility needs.

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