Why Not Consider A Goose Neck Floor Lamp

If you are looking something unique in a floor lamp but do not know where to begin, why not consider goose neck floor lamps. These lamps are usually some crazy looking lamps that you put behind your couch and then the lamp comes up from the floor and curves over the top of the couch.

And some of those models are still crazy looking today. They fit great in a cool 1980s bachelor pad. But these lamps have come a long way in style since then and you might be surprised to find one, two or even a few that will compliment any room.

For a classy, yet delicate tone with floral accents and softened colors, you might want to look for some torchiere style goose neck floor lamps. This style of lamp has the look of an upside down Tiffany style lamp with all the soft lighting and the frosted glass torchiere shades. Often this style has three separate lights and you can turn on one, two or all three at a time to get the level of lighting and mood that you want.

For a contemporary look, why not consider some brass or gunmetal adjustable style goose neck lamps? These lamps will stand out and make a nice statement in any contemporary room and you can always simply adjust the neck of the lamp to shine the light wherever you like. These floor lamps will also work well if you want to show off one of your pieces of art. Simply set the lamp near the piece and adjust the neck to spotlight the painting or sculpture.

If you have quite a bit of furniture in a particular room, or perhaps just a large sectional sofa, and need additional lighting but do not really have a space to put a lamp, then goose neck floor lamps are definitely the answer for you. You can easily place one behind a couch and angle it to shine the light exactly where you can sit and read. And these goose neck style of lamps are not only great for saving space, but also they look great as well.

Do you have one of your children going away to college? There are some really nice goose neck floor lamps that will light up any dorm room. There are those that have colorful shades and crazy shapes. There are those models that have anywhere from one to seven lights, each of them with a different colored shade. These types of lamps are also great space savers as well, and they look really cool and so your co-ed will love them.

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