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Sometimes it seems impossible to find and watch bootleg movies with high quality video and audio. Most of the time, what you are left with as an option are sites promoting flash video bootleg movies. These can get the job done sometimes, but usually flash video will have issues such as audio tracking lag and diminished quality. However, there are bootleg movies available in DVD quality, you just have to know where to look.

When you are searching for bootleg movies in DVD, you have to be careful not to accidentally join a service, which will charge you monthly for access to their archives. Despite your best efforts to try to find and watch bootleg movies for free, there are some issues you should try to avoid.

Spyware and Adware

Even though you may have some good antivirus software currently installed on your computer, some movie download sites just contain too many Trojans and Spyware. Your computer can only do so much to defend itself, and if you are experiencing a lot of virus issues, then you should avoid that site by any means. Traditional file sharing sites are known for containing downloads, which have been added to their listings by unethical internet marketers. Be careful and always scan your downloads prior to opening or watching them. Movie downloads with viruses and spyware can be avoided, see below.

Unwanted Advertising

When you use a regular file sharing site to watch bootleg movies, you may encounter unwanted advertising within your movie downloads. These ads usually come in the form of ads displayed across the screen or across the bottom of the video during portions or even the whole movie. Sometimes you may even experience advertising which stops the video every few minutes to display an ad for a few minutes. These movies can be avoided, see below.

Incomplete Movie Downloads

This may have already happened to you and if it hasn’t, consider yourself lucky. Some movie downloads that you find on regular file sharing sites, will play the first 30 or so minutes of the movie. Then the movie stops and it presents you with a message basically stating that you must become a member of some website, in order to watch the rest of the movie. This is especially, irritating and hard to detect, because the file size is still the same as a full length movie should be. The last 90 minutes are just full of the displayed message.

Your Best Option

Take the time to learn more about some of the private file sharing sites online. Some will charge a one time signup fee, but most do not have any monthly charges. Before you cringe at the thought of paying for access, think about everything that you can gain access to for the price of two or three DVDs.

Make sure that you read all conditions before you complete a signup form. It is easy to mistake a one time fee for a monthly membership fee. Additionally, make sure that the site you join offers a large database full of downloads. Some of the leading movie download sites carry television series and shows, in addition to movie downloads.

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