The Memory in Military Tattoos

Military tattoos are patriotic things. You can find it in a lot of military men who have been servicing their nation for a time. Military tattoos are their symbolism for their devotion and hard work for the people and the government. More than anything else, military tattoos have been a symbol of patriotic love and the memories that was left behind a soldier’s military years.

Military tattoos depict a lot of emotions. It can mean courage and brevity, among other things. Soldiers also sport military tattoos to remind them of the experience of the war that was and their brothers who have met their death during the war.

Military tattoos are used by soldiers of the navy or the air force. They can consist of military logos and symbolisms. Some soldiers would also create a tattoo in the memory of their brothers who didn’t make it through the war. They even put their brothers’ names incorporated in tattoo designs.

One of the most common military tattoos is an anchor which can symbolize the US Navy. You can also see an American flag drawn with stars. The American eagle is also one popular tattoo that symbolizes the fierceness of a soldier. The eagle is also a common tattoo design for the US Marines along with a globe element.

Military tattoos are less fierce looking and daring than most large tattoos that you can see in men. They are often done in colors and the drawings have a cartoon-ish appearance and are rarely done with mean looking designs. Military tattoos are pleasant to look at. They bring forth a positive outlook that depicts a soldier’s experience in the military, which are often very memorable and can really change their lives. Military life is very rewarding and such heroic and patriotic participation can be inked in one’s memory forever through military tattoos.

Military life is not always gay and beautiful. There is no denying the fact that there are military issues like brutality that goes around the camp. If unfortunately you have been captivated by the enemy, it would surely create a strong impact in your life. Military tattoos can also represent these dark times in the military.

Military tattoos can come in soulful and heartwarming images of misery and solidarity. Dog tag tattoos are also popular military tattoos that sends a different message. This type of tattoos would include a logo and a code name. You can also find military tattoos that are depicted with skulls and other symbols and elements that represent death. There are dark military tattoos that are often used as prison tattoos because of their somewhat shadowy representation.

Good or bad experience, there is no denying that military is really memorable. It can change a man forever. Military tattoos are often a personal representation of the wearer of whatever experience he had during his stay in the military. Military life can bring out a lot of emotions- both positive and negative. The memory of military life is more than guns, bombs and gun fires but a memory of brotherhood and real camaraderie.

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1973 Edinburgh Military Tattoo (7).
Image by reivax via Flickr

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