The Beginners Guide to Hydrophonic Gardening

By now the advantages to hydrophonic gardening should have started to become obvious to you. Hydrophonic gardening requires less space, produces more(in most cases) of a crop, with healthier plants and with less work(no digging and constant tilling) and your garden will no longer be subject to the whims of weather and most insects or other garden pests.

As I stated before “Getting started with hydrophonic gardening can be confusing”. However, if you take a direct logical approach to the problem, You will find that Your “hydroponics how to” will quickly become expanded and less confusing.
That is the primary reason I am writing “The Beginners Guide to Hydrophonic Gardening” for you, and to help clear up any initial confusion you may have on the subject.

Is hydrophonic gardening for me?  Follow these logical steps and the questions you may have about hydrophonic gardening should be answered.

Logical step 1. Decide how much space indoors you wish to allocate to your project.

Logical step 2. Budget how much investment in money(price of materials and supplys) and time you’re willing to make.

Logical step 3. Determine what types of plants you are going to grow( number of each) and the extent of production you

Logical step 4. Decide wether you want to do “diy hydrophonics”, “hydrophonic kits”, “home made hydrophonics” or “build your own hydrophonics system”. Kits are a terrific and inexpensive way to go as long as they fall within your space and cash investment guidelines along with your expectations as to the quantity of plants you are going to attempt to grow.   In most cases, building your own garden will be less expensive, but a lot more time and labor intensive. It’s your decision!

Logical step 5. Unless you purchase a kit, where do you get the supplys materials needed to build your system? Whoa!   Wait!   What you probably need the most at this point is more information. You’re not finished thinking this through yet!    My suggestion now, is that you seek out the information you need.   Scads of info is available on the internet, even free building plans hydroponics, or you can look for a “good” manual on the subject.

I recommend the latter.   A well written and constructed manual can save you many hours of reading confusing and often contradictatory information.   My best advice is to aquire a manual on the
subject.   Most comprehensive manuals will include all the information you need to get started.

Logical step 6. “Stop” thinking about it and make your move to action.

In summary: Consider the advantages,   follow “all” the logical steps outlined above and get going.   After all, I think you will find the hydophonic method of gardening both entertaining and fullfilling as well as economical.  It is indeed, a fulfulling pastime you can persue for the rest of your life.

“Green Thumb” (Good Luck)!

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