Temecula Crown Molding Choose The Best

If you are looking for crown molding in Temecula, CA or anywhere near there, this article will help you choose the best installer.

Crown molding is not as easy to install as it may seem. Many people make the mistake of thinking that its almost the same as installing baseboards, but it’s far from it. Baseboards are installed flat on the wall, while crown molding is installed on an angle. The most common angle is 45 degrees. This means that you will have to use the miter and the bevel on a mitre saw to cut it properly.

Hopefully you are looking for a professional to do this for you. I’ve seen crown look great and I’ve seen it look horrible. This difference is the installation, as well as the paint job that follows.

When installing crown, every piece must be cut right and every corner must be glued. This is to ensure that the crown will stay together over time. If you have ever walked through model homes or your friends house and noticed the crown had cracks and gaps in the corners, this is because the corners moved over time. If you get the corners tight and glue them up, there is only a small chance that they will crack. Plus, nice tight corners look amazing!

Also, you have to know what angles to use on different types of crowns. Different moldings have different pitches and you have to use different angles on the miter saw to cut them. Sure you can cut a 58 degree crown with the same settings as a 45 degree crown, but you might end up with a nice gap at the bottom that you have to caulk. It just makes sense to do it right.

These days, crown molding has come down in price, especially in Temecula, CA! If you are looking for a great company to install your crown molding and enhance the look of your home, just visit the links below.

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