Steam Showers for Small Bathroom Remodeling

As you may already know designing a small bathroom is one of the toughest challenges facing interior designers and home owners alike. Trying to find fixtures that will fit within the space available and make the bathroom aesthetically pleasing can seem overwhelming and impossible. Fortunately Royal SSWW one of the leading brand names of steam showers in North America and Canada has made two units that will surely fit into any small bathroom. These steam showers not only fulfill the requirement of a standard shower but also have additional features not offered before in a shower enclosures. This is why these showers are perfect for small bathroom design.
The Royal 106 is a traditional looking steam shower enclosure with a plethora of features. The showers neo angle shape helps to save floor space while the sliding glass doors keep this shower from interfering with other bathroom fixtures. The Royal 106 steam shower enclosure features hydro therapy back massage jets, a FM radio and optional auxiliary sound hook up. This unit also comes with an ozone sterilization system meaning you shower will be automatically sterilized after every use. The unit also comes with a powerful 3kw steam generator which is able to produce steam in just over a minute and warm the shower to a comfortable operating temperature in about 5 minutes.
The Royal 601 shower stall has similar space saving design as the royal 106. However its ultra modern appearance and tempered glass construction makes it a favorite among interior designers. This unit is also full loaded with all the accessories as the 106 but also has the addition of chroma therapy lighting and a hands free telephone. It also has the addition of a teak wood floor. This unit is truly one of a kind and an inexpensive way to add value to your home and luxury to your bathroom.
Small steam shower enclosures are a great addition to any small bathroom. They add a spa like atmosphere to your home and a wide range of health benefits from their use. The also can add value to your home in a similar manor a hot tub or spa would. They are a great way to stage your home to sell. Having a steam shower in your small bathroom will drastically set your home apart from similar home on the market.

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