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So you have a noise issue and you don’t know where to turn. You could look in the phone book for a contractor, but where are you going to find a contractor who specializes in soundproofing? The fact of the matter is that you won’t find a soundproofing contractor in the phonebook. In my opinion, I really don’t honestly feel that there are any contractors out there with enough experience or know how to call themselves a soundproofing or nose control contractor. Contractors can be an arrogant lot and many of them think they know everything and are unwilling to learn anything new. I am not saying that all contractors are this way, only 99% or so. Just kidding, but many contractors seem to forget who is paying them to do this work. If you are hiring a contractor for the first time, make sure you find one that listens to what you are telling them. If your project involves soundproofing and you have researched the methods and the materials to complete the job and as you are explaining this to your contractor, you hear these words ways and materials needed to soundproofing and as you are explaining this to your contractor you hear these words “No, no, I know a better way”!!! If you hear these words coming from your contractor’s mouth, please do yourself a favor and show him right to the door!! I guarantee that no matter who your contractor is, he does NOT know a better way. Yeah I am including Bob Vila, though he does listen to his customers.

Now if you are able to locate a contractor who is open minded and willing to listen to the ideas that you have so carefully researched, then you have half the battle won. Contractors seem to have forgotten that the customer is always right. Period!! I learned this a long time ago and even there are times when it is necessary for me to give my customers a little guidance, I never talk down to my customers of make them feel that they are inferior because they do not have the soundproofing knowledge. If a customer insists on one particular product and it is wrong for their application, I will politely tell them that that is not the right materials for the job, but if they still insist on ordering that wrong material, I will box it up and ship it to them immediately. The customer is always right no matter what.

I guess my point here is to let people know that no contractor, builder, or developer should ever intimidate them. You are the customer and you are the one paying for this service, the contractor needs to listen and learn. That will be very difficult for many contractors, but the majority of contractors are indeed customer oriented and do their best to satisfy the needs of their customers and clients.

I am sure I will get a lot of feedback from contractors about this article, but if it empowers the customers, I’ll take the flack. That’s my perspective, what is yours? This is Dr. Bob…Out!!!

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