Solariums: Your Best Curb Appeal

Have you ever walked past a home with a solarium? If you have, you undoubtedly were amazed by the beauty and splendor created year round by a beautiful room dedicated to a tropical setting. A solarium is a great addition to any landscape, adding beautiful curb appeal to any home. Regardles of your climate, a solarium can be your solace throughout the dark days of winter, adding a room solely dedicated to getting the ultimate amount of sunlight from everyday. A solarium is not just a sunroom, surrounded by glass from top to bottom, east to west, it is the window to the world in a perfect 360 degree perspective. A solarium can create the perfect atmosphere and environment to fully appreciate mother nature all year round.

What is a solarium?

A solarium is an atrium style sunroom which is surrounded by panels of glass or clear plexi glass, extending onto the roof to create an environment accessible by every bit of sunlight. The solarium can be framed in wood, metal or aluminum depending on your climate. It can be a small addition to a porch or a complete front or side of the structure addition. It can also be a separate standing structure on your property, such as in your garden or next to a pool. To ensure you will be able to enjoy your solarium year round, the roof cover must be designed for local climates. In colder winter weather climates it is imperative to install the roof glass sloped so snow can easily slide off and not accumulate and add heavy weight. Sealing the joints in a solarium is also very important in order to ensure the heat inside stays and the cold outside stays out. Cold climates will likely require thermo pane glass for winter use. Insulating all exterior walls is imperative to keeping both cold and hot weather out and the perfect temperature climate within.

Can I install a solarium myself?

A solarium is a very large undertaking which will require a professional to install. Solariums require major construction, and as such must be approved by city ordinances. There are many variables involved in the overall construction as well as the design. Examples of construction variables are the use of straight or curved glass styles, and creating several different types of roofs such as a cathedral roof which is pointed, or a conservatory structure which is octangonal in shape. The options are limitless when it comes to design. Solariums can be all white in order to create the most amount of light within, or sandstone to achieve a ‘earthy’ atmosphere. You can have the exterior in any color aluminum and add a wooden structure frame interior or even be framed with bronzes for the added elegant fell. Getting a personalized quote for your specific needs and designs from a solarium expert in your area is your best bet for getting a idea of the price and time of your solarium project.

What can I expect to be able to grow year round in my solarium?

A well designed solarium will accommodate a wide range of plants and vegetation but will depend on your winter climate and sun exposure. Solariums or sunrooms are a great bridge between indoor and outdoor living. As such you’re best to consult an expert landscape designer and landscape construction company, so you can be assured your new sunroom lives up to your vision.

Adding a solarium to a already existing structure or building a freestanding solarium is a great way to enjoy your garden year round. Getting started with a professional to decide on the right location and construction will not only save you money, it will expand your options with a more creative input and design technics. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the look and atmosphere you are trying to create. All that will be left after you build it, will be the years of enjoyment from the beautiful indoor / outdoor living environment you have created.

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