Small Elevators for Residential Buildings

Home elevators are valuable accessibility equipment in providing safe and convenient floor to floor access. As a result of the progress in technology, small elevator models suitable for residential buildings are readily available in the industry.

Accessibility Equipment which Provides Comfort and Convenience

In the past, residential elevators were often considered symbolic of luxury. But now these are regarded as safe and comfortable devices which assist the physically challenged and elderly people to easily access the different floors of their residences. Apart from providing convenience, home elevators boost the value of your home. Besides, home elevators can also be used to carry laundry, furniture, groceries and other items between the floors. At present a range of cost-effective models designed with advanced facilities are obtainable. These elevators can be installed in existing as well as new homes.

Integrated with Remarkable Safety Measures and Space Saving Options

The safety features provided in these elevator models maintain high standards. These include door interlocks, emergency alarm and light, telephone system, battery backup facility, emergency stop buttons and much more. They are also provided with fully automatic controls. The loading capacity of small elevators may vary according to the models. Most of the models can accommodate loads around 500 lbs and have an operating speed of around 20 fpm.

Many of these elevator models can be customized to fit into a limited space. The installation process is simple. For some of the models, it is not even necessary to set up separate machine room and elevator pits. Above all, you can customize the elevator panels with the desired color, so as to match well with your home decor.

Identify the Right Model Based on Your Requirements

When planning to purchase an elevator system for your home, it is important to consider your requirements, the available space and budget. It is also necessary to choose the products from branded manufacturers. The renowned manufacturers in the industry include ThyssenKrupp Access, Federal elevator, and Savaria Concord. These manufacturers offer superior elevator models with ample warranty through their dealers.

A home elevator system can substantially improve the lifestyle of your loved ones. Mobility challenged and older family members can now enjoy much more independence.

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The entrance to a typical style elevator found in many residential and smaller commercial buildings throughout North America. This elevator is located in Winter Park, CO. This elevator is made by Dover Elevator. Dover Elevator sold its division to Thyssenkrupp Elevator. I took this photograph and release it to public domain..
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