Shower Stall Bench Seating

Shower stall benches can be an important safety feature a person needs in order to take a shower. There are various designs available to give you the selection you need to choose one that fits within your shower stalls while providing a person with the support they need. Folding shower seats and barrier-free shower seats are available in multiple sizes. Left and right-hand configurations are offered to give you the perfect fit no matter what design your shower stall is in. Hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, and residential homes can all benefit from having a seat installed in the shower stall.

Bariatric Shower Seats

The Bariatric Shower Seat is ADA compliant for barrier free seats and is made with a dependable stainless steel frame and a ½ inch thick solid phenolic seat. The wall flanges and swing-down leg are made with type 304 stainless steel. The fold down seat functions with a sturdy swing leg. The machine smoothed edges provide a safer environment for anyone using the shower. The seat, when properly installed, can hold up to 900 pounds.

Folding Shower Seats

The stainless steel folding shower seat is ADA compliant and provides reliable support for up to 250 pounds. This folding shower seat only takes up space only when you need it by the easy to use folding design. The folding shower seat has a bullet-type catch so that the seat will stay securely in place in either a folded up or down position. Wall mounted installation is simple with the stainless steel shower seat. The molded polyethylene seat is waterproof and will last for many years without needing expensive maintenance care. This folding shower stall seat comes with its seat in a bone color that will easily match any bathroom facility.

Teak Shower Seating

The ADA compliant Teak Folding Shower Seat has a stainless steel frame with three hand-rubbed teak wood slats with rounded edges. Like other folding shower seats, the teak folding shower seat is wall mounted and has a bullet-type catch to keep the seat in its folded up or down position. When properly installed, this shower seat can support up to 250 pounds.

ADA Compliant Stainless Steel Shower Seating

ADA compliant stainless steel shower stall benches work great in personal homes, nursing homes, hospitals, and anywhere else where a person requires extra support in the shower. They are easy to install and use. Stainless steel folding shower stall benches are reliable and built to last. They are made with materials that can withstand wet and humid conditions. Both large shower stalls and those with limited amounts of space can include a shower seat that fits to present anyone with a safe atmosphere.

Safe and Secure Shower Stall Seating

The folding shower stall seats are perfect for bathrooms that have various family members using the facility, even for those that don’t require the use of a seat. The bullet-type catch is easy to use while providing a secure hold for both the up and down position. It will take only a few seconds to get the seat into the desired pose and will stay there until manually moved.

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