Recommended showers for elderly or disabled people

Recommended showers for elderly or disabled people.. If you have a family member who is less baled or disabled and you are thinking of buying a new shower, then there are a couple of shower options available to you. Safety is the number one priotiy when choosing a shower for the less able or disabled bather. Some shower models can run extremely hot if the water pressure suddenly drops or on the other extreme can run very cold, either scenario can be very unpleasant for the person who is in the shower at the time.

For most of us this is not a big deal, as we can move out of the hot water quickly, but to a less able person it is not that easy to move quickly and accidental scolding may occur.

For a special situation like this a thermostatic shower is an ideal choice. A thermostatic shower is a shower that will hold the temperature of the water at the preset temperature that you have selected.

The best types of thermostatic showers are the electric type, as these can be more accurately controlled by sophisticated on board electronics, and can be accurate to within half a degree. Most care homes are fitted with this kind of thermostatic shower as they are specially designed for the needs of disable and elderly people, but they can be fitted in domestic property’s.

Mixer showers or mixer valves have built in thermostats that will protect the person using the shower against accidental scolding but they will only protect the user from accidental scolding. You should make your choice of shower on the level of protection that the user will require.

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