Pigeon Spikes – Effective Deterrent

Pigeon spikes are useful in preventing pigeons that invade human residential spaces. Pigeons need to be kept away from residential spaces, because they cause lot of disturbance by noise and damage to the structure. Pigeons are carrier of many diseases and their fecal matter is equally hazardous to human health. The accumulated droppings by pigeons also pose sanitation problems to humans. Installing spikes is an effective control to curb the pigeon menace.

Pigeon spikes are needle like bunches of rods fixed to strips of different sizes in various configurations. These are made of materials like polycarbonate or stainless steel and attached to an area that needs to be freed from pigeon menace.  Pigeons are unable to land or get hold of the surface where spikes are installed. However, the spikes in no way harm the pigeons who try to access the area. The spikes are not sharp as the name suggests. In fact, they are dull, so that they do not harm the pigeons as well as humans doing work in the area.

Pigeon spikes are easy to install and need few articles like screws and adhesives. There is no need to make changes in the structure to fit spikes. Pigeon spikes can also be used in places where birds nest or are motivated to roost.

Pigeon spikes are a practical solution to curb pigeon menace. It is easy to install and requires less expertise with no need for change in the structure.  It is also a cost-effective solution. Pigeon spikes are available in wide range and different sizes to suit areas of different sizes. The price of spikes is dependent on the material used for construction.

Some pigeon spikes can be attached to any area by simple adhesive. It can be fixed to any pipe, window or a ledge. The thick pattern of protruding pins is enough to prevent pigeons from landing on the surface. The spikes are practically impossible to locate and serve as an ultimate deterrent to pigeon problem.

Pigeon spikes are also installed to cut down on debris. The low visibility factor of such systems does not destroy the aesthetic appeal of the structures where they are fitted. They are highly effective in controlling the problem without endangering life of pigeons as well as humans lives.

The plastic spikes get brittle after exposed to sun over a long time. This however is not the case with metal spikes.

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