New Techniques in Carpet Cleaning: Stanley Steemer, Coit

Stanley Steemer and Coit are at the top of the carpet cleaning and restoration industry today. They got to, and stay on, that spot through constant innovation and consistently improving their services. By consistently introducing new techniques in carpet cleaning, these two companies have managed to continually revolutionize and revitalize the industry.

Developing new techniques is also very important in keeping ahead of the competition. Let’s face it: people will always want to take their business to the company that can offer them the most value for their money. By constantly improving their services, these two carpet cleaner companies are able to make sure that no competition will overtake them.

So what are some of the latest techniques used by these companies?

For Stanley Steemer, they use hot water extraction technology in order to get rid of the deeply embedded dirt in the carpet. This technique helps loosen the grip of dirt on your carpet, making it a lot easier to remove. While you might think that water on your carpet is a bad idea, the second step in the carpet cleaning process actually sucks up 95% of the water along with the dirt. This means you’ll get a nice clean carpet that dries quickly.

The hot water extraction method also utilizes a special solution developed by Stanley Steamer to remove any stains and dirt from your carpet. This solution is safe for dogs and children, so you won’t have to worry about your family’s health when the carpet cleaning starts.

Another common problem with other Atlanta carpet cleaner companies is the fact that after cleaning, some carpets tend to attract more dirt. Stanley Steemer solves this problem by making sure that there’s no residue of the cleaning solution left on your carpet after it is rinsed. Residue is actually what attracts dirt to carpet after it is cleaned.

On the other hand, COIT uses steam cleaning techniques in order to clean your carpet effectively. Steam also helps loosen up any dirt that may have been embedded in your carpet through the years. Steam also has the added benefit of letting your carpet quickly dry. Through the use of steam and powerful suction, COIT can have your carpet clean and dry in just a couple of hours!

Another integral part of Atlanta carpet cleaning is maintenance –since hiring a carpet cleaning service can be pretty expensive, you’ll want to make the effects last longer. Both Stanlet Steemer and COIT have distinctive techniques to help protect your clean carpet from the invasion of dirt. Maintenance is also all about maintaining the condition of your carpet. Since everyone wants to make the most out of every investment, it follows that they’ll want to make their carpets last as long as possible.

COIT uses COITGard technology to giver your carpet a protective coating that’ll repel any type of stain, making it easier to clean and avoiding some serious staining. Stanley Steemer also uses the same technique of using a specialized coating on your carpets to keep your carpet fresher, longer.

Of course, looking clean isn’t enough. Sometimes, what’s needed is for a carpet to smell clean. In cases like this, what’s really needed is a quick deodorizing solution that doesn’t cost as much as a full-out cleaning. Both companies provide a separate deodorizing solution that can either be integrated into the full cleaning process or can be used separately, if desired by the customer.

The great thing about these new techniques in carpet cleaning lies in the fact that they won’t stay new for very long. Even as these techniques are being utilized by the two companies, new technologies and methods are being developed to replace them and make the job even more efficient.

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