Nada Used Car Price Guide

Nada used car guide are actually pretty easy to find. You have to know how to make and model of the car you want to buy or sell and what the year of the car is. Make sure that you always have proper information when you are selling or buying the car because the prices are varying from state to state.

The Nada used car guides contain both buyers and sellers of used cars as to their details value. These guides can be use as a tool for the new car buyer to obtain the highest resale value a few years down the road. The Nada separated car prices into three categories based on the information that you provided such as option and overall condition.

Low retail is the first category that means that the person who purchases a vehicle in this condition should spend a bit of money into bodywork, mechanical repair, carpet or other interior parts will have wear as excess of its age.

Average condition of vehicle is included in second category that is called clean retail. Everything should be clean in your vehicle.

The last category is High Retail. You should maintain the vehicle clean from additional attribute and it should come with someone in sort of inspection or warranty.

There are also two types of NADA used car price guides. Consumer, end purchaser, uses the most types and banks, auto dealers, and insurance companies use another that. This should stand to no surprise at all.

A used car dealer expectation to purchase the same vehicle is much different from what a consumer would. Safety items such as tires and brake pads will often be replaced, in addition to a thorough detail of the vehicle to make it appealing for customers shopping the dealer’s pre-owned inventory.

Another significant factor affecting resale value, particularly in regards to a dealer trade-in, is the cost to recondition a vehicle for sale.

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