Low-cost Artificial Turf Landscaping Ideas

Maintaining a lush, healthy yard takes time and money. While many people enjoy caring for their lawns — including mowing, watering and weeding — others don’t have the time or money to invest in regular lawn maintenance.  This is why many homeowners choose artificial turf as a cost-effective solution to natural grass lawns.Synthetic turf can be used by people, businesses, schools and homeowners for residential and commercial landscaping needs as well as for athletic and playground surfaces.

Artificial grass can be used to landscape your yard, garden, deck or porch. Here are a few low-cost landscaping ideas using artificial turf.

Beautify shady areas: Use synthetic turf to add color to shady areas in your lawn or garden. Artificial turf  prices are affordable and installation is easy. Shady gardens and lawns can look stunning when you install synthetic turf along with a variety of shade-friendly shrubs and perennials.

Family-friendly backyards: Artificial turf is a great foundation for outdoor family fun.Manufactured using the latest materials on the market, artificial turf is designed to withstand frequent use and harsh weather.

Synthetic turf is child- and pet-friendly, which means it is durable, safe and soft.

Manufactured using the latest materials on the market, artificial turf is designed to withstand frequent use and harsh weather. It is free of harmful pesticides, fertilizers, bugs and mold. What’s more, children and pets can play on an artificial  lawn for as long as they like without having to worry about destroying the grass.
Poolside greenery: A lush background is an important element when landscaping a pool. Artificial turf makes it easy and affordable to landscape your pool without sacrificing style. Use synthetic grass to brighten the landscape and soften hard surfaces. You can also use synthetic turf to create a shady refuge from the sun.

Creative walkways: Whether you’re designing a garden path, front door walkway, or backyard path, consider using synthetic turf to add style and practicality to your outdoor area. Synthetic turf keeps your feet dry and reduces impact from the soil or other hard surfaces. Wholesale artificial  turf can be used to create grass paths, fill in flagstone walkways, or landscape the sides of a brick or stone path.

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