Ignition Key Refuses to Turn? Locksmith San Jose Ignition Troubleshooting

An ignition key is designed to control the vehicle ignition switch, allowing the driver to start the engine and power the car’s battery in order to use its accessories (radio, AC, etc). Generally, if the ignition fails to start it could be either due to an issue related to the ignition cylinder lock, the ignition itself or the engine.  The following troubleshooting tips may help you determine the source of the problem or even solve it on your own.  If none of these work call your local locksmith San Jose provider.

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#1:  Broken Key: Even if your ignition key is slightly damaged, your car might fail to start.  If you are unable to insert the key into the ignition, do not try to use force as that could result in a broken key in the ignition which is more difficult and costly to replace.  If you have a spare car key, try to turn the ignition with it. If you do not have one you may have to call a local auto locksmith San Jose professional to assess the issue or get an ignition key replacement.

#2: Wrong Key: If you own more than one vehicle, it is possible that you are using the wrong key. Check the key and make sure you are using the correct one. If you have lost your car key, call your local locksmith to obtain an ignition key replacement.

#3: Dirt in the ignition:  dirt and debris in the ignition cylinder lock can cause the ignition to malfunction. If this is the problem, it could be solved by cleaning the internal lock mechanism and lubricating the key.

#4: Locked Steering Wheel: If you are able to insert the car key smoothly into the ignition, but the ignition still fails to start, it may be due to a locked steering wheel. To unlock the steering wheel you might need to slightly turn the steering wheel until it becomes unlocked. If this doesn’t help, refer to your vehicle manual to find out how to unlock the steering wheel.

#5: Wrong Gear: when the vehicle is set to the wrong gear, some vehicles won’t allow you to start the ignition. Make sure the gear is set to ‘park’ or ‘neutral’.

If none of the above ignition troubleshooting tips work, it is possible that you have a broken ignition cylinder or an issue with the engine itself. However, if you’re unsure, consult with a local locksmith San Jose, before you tow your vehicle to a garage.

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