Hot Tub Cover Considerations

There are many different kinds of covers for your hot tub. The kind of material that they are made of is going to affect the cost of the cover. These cover range from just a plastic slip cover to an insulated cover. When purchasing a new cover you will want to measure the tub perimeter correctly to ensure to order the proper size.

Some of the cheapest covers available are going to be the thermal blankets. These covers are designed to simply float on top of the water, so some do not consider them as covers at all. These covers do not help a lot with keeping dirt and debris out of the spa but they do help with the evaporation of the water. Depending on the size of the hot tub a blanket cover will cost approximately around $25 dollars. There are two different common kinds of these types of blankets. The first one resembles the bubble wrap or the material used for shipping fragile items. This one is not very effective because it is cut to fit the spa and the bubbles on the end are left open decreasing it abilities in insulting the water. The second is made of smooth closed cell foam. This one is better at insulating and keeping bacteria out of the water.

Standard hot tub covers are made with a sloped foam so that the rain will run of the top and not bogging it down into the tub. Normal measurements of a cover are around four inches thick in the middle sloping to around two or three inches thick on the sides or edges. This foam is typically sealed with a polyethylene plastic, and is often heat sealed or double wrapped to keep the water from soaking into the foam. Water soaking into the foam would cause it to become water logged and possibly causing it to be replaced over time. Once the plastic is in place a vinyl cover is then added to protect against UV damaged. The thread used for sewing the cover is usually UV protected as well. If you have young children finding a cover with tie downs is recommended though this might take more time to remove it will be worth the extra safety features. This will also help keep the cover in place during high winds.

Walk on hot tub covers are also available. These covers use sheets of fiberglass under the foam. These are great if the hot tub is outside and is in an area that snow a lot. The weight of the snow could cause some covers to fall into the hot tub. These are also great for those who have small children that might get the idea to walk across the top. This would protect them from falling in and potentially drowning.

Motorized hot tub covers are some of the most expensive covers available. The cover is made of PVC slats that are strong, durable, and insulated with 2.5 lbs of foam cell fibers. The cover takes about 10 seconds to retract and about the same to recover the spa. Some models have a touch pad with pass code entry so that there is no unauthorized use. Once is the cover is retracted it is then stored away until later.

Winter hot tub covers a great for those who do not want to use the spa all year round. A winter cover is used for the entire unit. This will go over your regular cover and down the sides all the way to the ground. An air pillow should be placed underneath so that water will drain off the top. This will keep any water from accumulating in unwanted areas.

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