Glass Verandas

Glass Verandas are a relatively new product to hit the UK market. They have been around for years in one form or another but only now are people seeing them as a home improvement product rather than just a glass cover for a walkway or porch area.

Glass Verandas are basically a glass roof that extends from your house offering a sheltered area. They are generally supported by two or more posts depending on the desired width and projection.

The more expensive Verandas use aluminium frame work which provides the maximum strength whilst preventing against rust and other forms of corrosion. Aluminium also offers a really nice finish to power coating that will be applied to match your property.

The main requirement for owning a Glass Veranda is for shelter over an outdoor area allowing you protection for light showers. The is great for us here in Britain as even mid summer we are subject to light showers – this can really ruin a barbeque or garden party. With a Glass Veranda installed you can continue enjoying the outdoors in these weather conditions.

Glass Verandas can almost be considered an additional room to your property. With a couple of additions such as external lights and infra red heaters you can sit under shelter for most of the summer nights without feeling cold. With the addition of a Sun Awning installed above your glass veranda you can add a shaded area to sit under if the heat gets too much.

The only real negative of the Glass Veranda can be the cost – aluminium is not a cheap material and often the Verandas have complicated extrusions to ensure longevity. For safety, laminated safety glass is required which is an additional expense.

Often the cost here comes close to that of a conservatory which may put some people off. There are many negatives to a conservatory which are too much for this article but all are overcome by the Glass Veranda.

With money earning nothing in the banks now is a great time to add style and luxury to your property which will inevitably increase the value of your home – should the housing market improve.

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Laminated glass art sculptures.
Image by hisglassworks via Flickr

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