Getting A Totally Free Vin Check

Getting information on a car shouldn’t cost money, right? That’s why so many companies offer a totally free VIN check on any make and model car. The free VIN check will tell you if the used car you want to buy has been reported stolen, had a salvage title issued, or has had flood damage. It’s valuable information that everyone should know, and now it is free thanks to the NICB.

Car dealers use the free VIN check to find out information quickly about a car. It may not replace a car report but it will help you decide if you want to investigate the car further.

What is a Free VIN Check Exactly?

The absolutely free VIN check is a report that is compiled from several insurance companies (close to a thousand in all) by the NICB, (National Crime Insurance Bureau). This company is a consumer focused organization that stores and compiles information on used cars.

This organization has been created to help prevent insurance fraud and car theft. By tracking and compiling reports of stolen cars, they can cut down on the amount of vehicles that are stolen and resold.

The totally free VIN check will help you decide whether you need to dig deeper into a used car’s history.  It’s totally free of charge so it won’t cost you a cent and the report can be viewed right online.

What’s even better is it could save you thousands of dollars in repair costs, maintenance and labor along with other unforetold problems that can arise from purchasing a stolen vehicle.

These are indispensible reports that you need to buy before you purchase any used car. You really don’t know what has happened to that car you have your eye on. You can get this absolutely totally free VIN check at no cost. It is a public service for consumers.

In addition, Autocheck has combined the free VIN check with a totally free car report, so you can get both the VIN check and the history report all in one free service. Log on today at Myusedcarprices and get one. All you need is a VIN number and a computer.

Once you download the free VIN check from Autocheck you will see how many reports are on your car report, and you can purchase the report right away if you are interested.

There are many sites with more information on absolutely free VIN checks, and the service is definitely one you should take advantage of. It only takes three minutes to get the report but it could save a lifetime of hassles.

It’s the cost-free way to find out information on a car you might buy.

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Steve Johnson is a freelance writer in the auto industry. He writes about where to get a totally free VIN check, free car report from CARFAX.


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