Best Portable Water Mister and its Importance

Many hotels position these portable water misters in areas adjacent to outdoor lounge chairs, in open bars and dining areas, and near the front door to facilitate shifting the water mister to different locations as and when required. The portable water misters assume a lot of importance especially during the summer season when the weather is humid and hot. You would obviously need a cooling system in your outdoor areas to overcome the physical discomfort. Water misting is the most effective way to combat hot summer conditions, as you can bring the temperature down and simultaneously add moisture to the dry air. And if the water misting system is also portable, then it will be all the more useful as it can be moved around. Misting systems work on the well-known evaporation principle to produce ultra fine mist that eases the environment of the heat stress. When the water droplets are infused into the hot air, they suck away the heat present in the air and get released as vapor. This transformation of liquid to gaseous state creates a cooling effect known as evaporative cooling. Water misting systems are used for outdoor cooling in the lawns, gardens, patios and garages of homes as well as other commercial establishments like restaurants, fairs, camping tents, amusement parks, sports arenas etc. Water misting fans are meant to be used in open outdoors areas where it is not feasible to install air conditioners. Contrary to public perception, many misting fans consume negligible quantities of water to produce optimum cooling effect. The cooling fans are of various types – high, medium and low pressures. High pressure fans generate maximum cooling effect and hence more suited expansive open spaces. Medium pressure fans are the most commonly used and come in a wide variety and find application in commercial and residential areas. Medium pressure systems are quite often the choice of homeowners because they are efficient and yet the price is affordable. Low pressure misting systems has the advantage of operating on the normal domestic water supply pressure. They are the least expensive and their effectiveness therefore is also limited. It is good to know that the portable water mister operates on low water pressure and thus does not require high pressure pumps. In fact, an ordinary garden hose is enough and the specially designed misting nozzle will do the job. But it should not be forgotten that the extent of temperature reduction whatever the type of misting system – depends on the humidity levels of the area to be cooled. The portable systems allow users to place it in different areas where cooling is required. The nozzles of portable water misters consume negligible quantum of water and can therefore be used even in water scarcity areas. Portable water misting systems can be installed easily and needs no tools. The stand for portable water misters is usually made with PVC material and painted with UV resistant paint so that it does not get discolored and remains as good as new at all times. The portable water misters come with specially designed nozzles with an in-built mesh screen filter to prevent possible water clogging. Unlike other outdoor water misting systems that are somewhat permanently installed at one particular location, portable water misting system enables you to collect the stand and position it at any place where you wish to cool the outside air.

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