BBQ Grill Islands and Outdoor Sinks – The Essentials of Outdoor Kitchens

Having a dinner party outdoors and cooking on “grill islands” is a unique pleasure indeed. No wonders outdoor bbqs have become a trend and many are installing outdoor kitchens in their backyards complete with grill islands. Setting up a bbq island doesn’t need a lot of space; also you can add an array of features as you like. You can include grill islands, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor sinks, a bbq island, refrigerators and more.

Outdoor kitchens with a bbq island can be a great place to cook and dine with your family. With a bbq island, you can cook a variety of cuisine for your guests. Also, the flavor of food cooked in a bbq island is tastier, as the grill gives a golden color to the food. Basically, a bbq island would include a grill, outdoor sinks and some room for preparation. You can pair up the grill of the bbq island with a smoker box to generate an exclusive smoked flavor. Also with outdoor kitchens, you need not worry about smoke from the grill. Moreover you have outdoor sinks available, which can be installed on a bbq island for faster cleaning.

Grill islands are no doubt an essential in contemporary outdoor kitchens. Today, the built in gas grills found in a bbq island is overtaking the usually popular charcoal grill islands. For the reason that, with a built in gas grill you can use the natural gas line from your home, which is a lot cheaper. Also, you can use a variety of cooking styles with bbq grill islands. Although there are many features that you can add, when it comes to functionality, there is nothing more important than outdoor sinks. You also have to buy quality grill islands and a compact oven for burning wood, so you can use the grill islands for grilling meat and vegetable.

Ideally, an outdoor kitchen should have bbq island, cabinets, side burner and outdoor sinks. Outdoor sinks especially are a must for outdoor kitchen fans. It is good to go for a stainless steel outdoor Sink as it is resistant to corrosion. And for easy dispensing of soap water, outdoor sinks should have built in soap cartridges. Outdoor sinks can either get water through a handy hose or from your home’s water supply. It is better to go for an underground hose to carry cold water from your home to the Outdoor sinks. This hose should be designed in a way that it can be drained easily in winter season. Also, it is a good idea to connect the drain of the outdoor sinks directly to your house’s drainage system.

Apart from knowing how to install the outdoor kitchen, you should also know how to care for it. So if you want to close your outdoor kitchen in the fall, make sure you store all the equipment properly and to cover the grill islands, outdoor sinks and faucet.

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