Basement Window Wells: Window Well Styles and Cover Options

Window wells bring light into dreary basements, and provide escape routes during emergencies. In many states, if your basement includes a bedroom, you must install egress windows, according to law. Basement window wells are functional, but often unattractive—check out new window well options if you need to install a window well. You’ll also need a sturdy window well cover to eliminate the risk of anyone falling into the well. Window well covers provide safety, and help keep dirt, snow, animals and other debris out of your window wells.

We’ve all seen basements with ugly, harsh-looking metal or concrete window wells. Sure, they bring in light, but we’d often rather just cover them to avoid looking at the unattractive window well. Luckily, you’re not limited to just metal or concrete. You could buy a modular window well, consisting of snap-together sections to fit window wells of any depth. This basement window well is made of a bright, light-reflecting shade of light grey—perfect for bringing maximum light into your basement. Browse online to find a range of window well styles to determine which would fit your home. Enhance the view outside your basement window with a faux stone texture window well. Look for a window well with a step or ledge built in to facilitate escape in case of emergencies.

If you already have a basement window well installed, and you don’t want to replace it, you can easily install a window well liner to enhance the view. Shop online, or at your home improvement store for durable liners that fit the size of your unattractive window wells—you can replace the view of corrugated metal with mountains, a waterfall, or any scenic vista you choose.

If you have an uncovered basement window well, window well cover companies can help you find the best cover that fits your situation, depending what it’s made from, the shape and size. You won’t need to figure out what model or size cover you need—just measure your window wells, and let the company do the rest. They will send everything you need, including the hardware to install your basement window well cover. Consider ordering clear plastic acrylic window well covers, as they let in maximum light and last for years.

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Christen R. is a freelance writer for Window Bubble, a provider of well-built, beautiful, lightweight window well covers. Window Bubble can help you find a cover for your basement window wells, no matter what size or shape window well you own.


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