Artificial Boxwood Hedge: A True Masterpiece

Boxwood-Hedges-Black-Planters-2.jpgOutdoor artificial plants are widely used not only as home decors but also as privacy screens or “living walls” to your properties. They are aesthetically designed to brighten up the dull areas of the house, to give an energizing atmosphere to the workaholic employees or to add appeal to the barren patio and deck. Some private residences in Manhattan, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago used fake hedges to seclude the place so that they can relax, unwind and enjoy the weekend. Also, a major hotel in Miami has a state of the art rooftop swimming pool where the management used the artificial boxwood hedges to serve as their fence to cover unnecessary views of junks or craps.

These decorative fake hedges look more real as ever. They are meticulously assembled by the handcrafted technician to an iron grid cage using steel clasps and commercial grade. Even though it will be sunny the whole year, the faux boxwood hedge will maintain its color and texture because the materials are made of high quality polyurethane blended with the plastic hedge that has sun protection.

Through the years, faux hedges are getting more popular as excellent walls in restaurants, cafes and commercial establishments. Even in some parks the major attractions are the customized artificial hedges and topiaries. That is why more than thousands of manufacturers all over the United States today are thinking of various ways how to improve the quality of the products and to response to the specific needs of the customers. Lately, they created the ballistic proof or the bullet proof barrier that look like a standard hedge. It can be installed outdoor where safety is highly concerned. You can call the customer service group for some tips on how to customize the shapes and the large sizes of fake hedges.

In addition, there are diverse planter liners that you can use that would fit to your style and design requirements. The skillful technicians will scrupulously bolt the frame to the inside of the water repellant PVC planter liner and ship them directly to your house. However, the cost of the finished products may vary. There are several styles of planters that you can choose from and can be personalized according to your desired shapes and sizes.

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An above view of a roof-top swimming pool when looking down from the top of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, NV..
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