Adhesive Backed Stair Treads

Do you have kids at home? Do you have slippery stairs? If your answer to both questions is yes then you definitely need an anti-skid adhesive stair tread. We all know that kids are clumsy and very active, they always run and move around and doesn’t really think about safety. As parents you should make the necessary step to prevent accidents from happening. You can start by installing non-slip treads to places where you think areas that are prone to slippage, like wet bathroom floors, polished floor near the stair and to the stair itself. The main advantage of self adhesive treads is that they are very cheap, cost only $4.00 a piece and you don’t need a separate tread adhesive to install them. Just clean the surface, peel, stick and step. This type of tread is made both for outdoor and indoor application. It is meant for all weather conditions and is perfect for step, work areas, porch, ramp, walkway and all kind of stairs. It’s easy to install and no need for additional dual sided tape or screws to install them. Just clean the surface, peel the back paper and stick it where you want it to install. You can choose from two sizes (standard and large) and with different kind of high traction surface. If you need a carpet like effect you can have the meshed tread that works like a cushion and collects dust and small particles from shoe and prevents it from entering your home. For outdoor use you can clean it buy spraying pressurize water or for indoor use you can use a vacuum cleaner to collect the accumulated dust and dirt at the bottom of the carpet like tread. For heavy traffic stair such as public places and business establishment you can have the self adhesive rubber stair tread. Made of heavy duty and tough rubber material with textured top it can withstand heavy use. Unlike carpet type tread it doesn’t collect dust and meant only to prevent slippage. This type of stair tread is very tough and can last for many years of use.

Common problem with other type of treads is curling. In order to fix this an adhesive tape or stair tread adhesive which can be bought separately is applied to keep it flat to the ground. This process is not just time consuming but costlier as well. Self adhesive treads on the other hand eliminate this problem by incorporating its own back adhesive. You can easily buy them in most hardware section of most department store and supermarket, but if you are too busy you can also have them through online shops and have them delivered in your home. Lots of merchant and online shops sell them. Just consider the shipping cost when comparing prices. Most of the time the best deal you find is not the best once the shipping cost is added to the final price. If you want to avail a free shipping cost, buy them together with other things, some online shops like Amazon offers free shipping on some items especially if you buy more than $100.00.

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