Viewing Aura Colors Through Biofeedback

For a long period of time, people who saw auras had only a limited number of people who held any faith that those with this special ability were actually experiencing a real phenomenon. Today, there are more people who are willing to at least be open to the idea, thanks to aura cameras. Now, at first glance, plenty of people are skeptical about the idea of a camera that can take a picture of one’s aura. After all, the early attempts at this were tossed out because the electromagnetic waves sent out passed through and picked up a lot of outside energy. With today’s aura photography, however, the image of the aura is not captured by the aura cameras themselves, rather, they are projected onto the phone based on information gathered by a biofeedback hand sensor.

Biofeedback is often used by those in the psychological and medical community. Essentially, biofeedback measures bodily functions that are quantifiable, such as heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, muscle tension, sweat gland activity, etc. While these are unconscious processes in the body that are considered functions of the autonomous nervous system, viewing this information in real-time through a biofeedback sensor allows people to see that they can bring their processes into their awareness, and even control them to a certain extent. That which we are unconscious of is not out of our control, it simply requires us to shift our consciousness to be more inclusive.

The way the aura camera system works is quite simple. The camera software takes the picture of a person, allowing the photographer to appropriately frame the person for the aura imagery to be shown around. There are hand biofeedback sensors that measure information both from the person as well as the environment around the person (this measures the difference in stress levels between a person and their environment, which is useful information) and then translates that into the aura imagery.

Aura photography will open many people up to the phenomenon of auras as well as of the science of biofeedback. Clearly, there are multiple purposes that can be looked at here. The very surface is that people will be attracted to the imagery and want to see their aura, just for fun. Those that dig a bit deeper will find that there is a lot of insight that can be gained from these readings, and may start to work on controlling and manipulating the readings. Some will find a spiritual aspect to all of this as well, in reading the body/mind/spirit balance and how the different chakras related to a person’s state of being.

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