Type 2 diabetes menus

While type-one diabetes is caused by deficiency of insulin due to the loss of beta cells in pancreas, type two is the result of reduced sensitivity towards insulin. It is the most common type of diabetes around the world. As there is reduced sensitivity towards insulin the amount of glucose increases in the blood of the patient.

Obesity is one of the major reasons of this disease.  Studies have revealed the fact that more than 55% of the patients diagnosed with type-2 diabetes are obese or overweight. Hence if you are suffering from this disease you need to control your taste buds and go for a healthy diet plan. Type-2 diabetes menus need to be free from extra caries, fat and excess spice. Like general people you can take breakfast, tow meals and snacks in the afternoon. Your breakfast menu should comprise of one slice toasted whole wheat bread with 1 teaspoon margarine, 1/2 cup skim milk and 1/2 small banana. Along with you can take 1/4 cup of egg substitute or cottage cheese

for both lunch and diner the type 2 diabetes menu needs to comprise of sufficient green salad, milk and green vegetables. There should be read meat. If you love meat chicken is a safe choice to make. Avoid sea food and fishes and go for prawn. You need to eat two to three fruits daily. If you are pregnant or belong to senior citizen age group you need to be extra cautious. Stay in regular touch with your doctor and consult the doctor before switching to any type-2 diabetes menu. You can find lots of information in this regard if you search on the internet.

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