Top 10 Solar Energy Websites

Solar energy is one topic that is receiving increasing interests from legislators, scientists, and even the average persons from all over the world. This is because solar energy is one of what is considered sources of renewable energy, a concept that might spell the survival of the human species in the future. In order for one to know more about this particular energy source, here are the top 10 solar energy websites.

On top of the list would be the website of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES), Because of its untiring work toward promoting this energy through education, the organization is considered a leader in the effort of promoting the use solar energy in the US and in the international community. Apart from presenting news and updates on the organization itself, the site also features articles contained in the Solar Today magazine.

Another solar energy website worth visiting would be, the official website of the Florida Solar Energy Center. It provides updates and news on research and developments made by the center toward promoting the use of solar energy in the state.

Education is also the focus of the Solar Energy International, a nonprofit organization that maintains the website. In particular, the organization teaches on designing, building, and installing solar and other renewable energy systems. It offers online as well as actual training on these systems.

Another website worth mentioning would be!Open, a site that supports the development and use of renewable energy technology. It is maintained by the International Solar Energy Society, a non-governmental organization accredited by the United Nations and aims to promote sustainable energy on a global scale.

Also included in the list of top solar energy websites would be It focuses on promoting solar energy in the state of Arizona and its contents are developed and maintained by the Arizona Solar Center.

Information about this type of renewable energy can also be found at It is maintained by the Solar Utilities Network which seeks to advocate responsible energy use one step at a time. It also espouses using affordable and simple strategies to use energy efficiently.

Also included in the list of top solar energy websites would be, established by the Solar Living Institute. The institute provides workshops and training on sustainable living and is based in Hopland, California.

Solar energy enthusiasts should also visit, where news and updates on the topic can be found. The website provides practical information and instructions on how to utilize solar energy technology and design innovatively.

Other sites that are included in list would be and The former provides interesting and often simple DIY instructions on utilizing solar energy at the household level. It even presents designs on solar homes as well as provides list of published sources on the subject matter. The latter is maintained by the Texas Solar Energy Society which partners with different schools in the state to promote sustainable energy. Among the partner schools are the Austin Community College and Hubbert’s Peak.

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