Thyssenkrupp Access Minivator

Climbing steps can be difficult for aged people or for those who are physically disabled. With advanced technology, innovative and useful passenger lifts are now available to meet various requirements. ThyssenKrupp Access has made accessibility solutions for the disabled a reality. The company offers various innovative models that reduce mobility challenges and help mobility impaired people to enjoy life with more independence and comfort. ThyssenKrupp Access is a trusted name in providing accessibility products and has a great deal of experience in installing Minivators and other types of internal and external lifts.

ThyssenKrupp Access Minivator provides independent access to different levels in buildings where space is premium and large lifts are not practical. The Minivator helps individuals to comfortably modify their homes and access the different floors more easily. ThyssenKrupp Access Minivator is spacious, cost-effective and uniquely designed. It is a self contained elevator and doesn’t need a pit or machine room. ThyssenKrupp Access Minivator has been developed with focus on design and engineering expertise so that it can offer its users a safe and comfortable ride.    

The car rides on two steel rails mounted to the wall, and passes through an easily constructed opening between two floors. The motor is housed at the top of the guide rail and does not require any overhead clearance. It has a safety sensor that stops the lift when some obstruction is encountered in its way.  It can carry a load of 450 pounds and is wheelchair accessible. The basic features of the Minivator are:

• 30″ x 46″ inside car
• Up to 16′ of travel with 2 stops
• 450 lbs capacity
• Speed: 20 fpm
• Winding drum drive
• Steel wall panels with ivory powder coat finish

Other features of the Minivator are:

• Easy to use controls
• The unit contains key lock that enhances safety and prevents unauthorized access
• More expensive models of Minivator contain emergency stop button and telephone access and tan carpet for the car
• Ivory finished steel wall panels and rails that ideally match your home decor
• Guaranteed customer service to ensure your Minivator ownership is trouble-free

ThyssenKrupp Access provides all its products with warranty. The company offers a 2 year warranty for the drive train, and 1 year for component parts of the lift.  We have nationwide dealers from where customers can purchase the minivators.  By installing a Minivator in your home, you are helping your loved ones enjoy a more stress-free life.

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DAY Elevator and Lift specializes in offering installation and maintenance services for ThyssenKrupp Access Minivator models. The Minivator elevator serves the need of those with limited space in their building for a home elevator.


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