The Facts About Stop Snoring Devices

What are the best stop snoring devices? Well the best would be either separate bedrooms or divorce papers. But these are not realistic in many situations. Unfortunately, many people do not have an option on their roommates when it comes time for sleep. And, as the old bumper sticker goes, those who snore always fall asleep first. If a person snores for normal reasons a stop snoring devices can help silence them. There are some reasons though for snoring that may require surgery.

The Usual Suspects

Snoring occurs because the air passages are partially blocked. To be able to find the snoring device that will help you, you need to determine why the air passages are becoming blocked in order to cure your chronic snorer. Anti snoring devices are not for people who snore every once in a while. For example, if you get a cold, you’re going to snore. They are only meant for people who habitually snore every night.

The reason that a lot of people snore is because their tongue curls back when they sleep or their lower jaw drops making their airways press together. If this is the reason that you snore then you can rest easy as that there is a good chance that a stop snoring device can assist keeping the tongue, jaw and soft palate in the correct place.

You’re Shopping List For Snoring Devices

Stop snoring devices to help keep your body parts in position include nasal strips, pillows, mouth guards, snore balls you strap on your back to keep you sleeping on your side, nasal dilators, electric stimulators sleep position monitors and throat sprays. The majority of these products can be bought over the counter.

You may wish to cross the sleep monitor off your list if you sleep in the same room with someone else, it makes noises. If, however, your snoring is so loud that you keep the whole house up, even if they do not sleep in the same room with you, then you should put it back on your list.

Another thing you could try is not using any pillows at all. This definitely puts your body in a different position. This is one of those things that you will only know if it works for you when you try it. Also consider shedding some weight if you weight too much. If you have a lot of fat on you it makes your airways work harder and noisier. The fat also presses your airways together hence restricting the flow of air and causing your snoring.

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