Stairway Chairlifts for Seniors

Stairway chairlifts are convenient accessibility equipment that enables seniors to negotiate stairways safely and comfortably. Stairway chairlifts for seniors help elderly individuals to enjoy a dynamic and independent life.

Enables Easy Indoor and Outdoor Access

Stairway chairlifts suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes are available. The outdoor models of stair chairlifts are designed in such a way as to withstand the extreme exterior weather conditions. Besides, stair chairlift models which are appropriate for straight and curved stairways are also available. Therefore this accessibility equipment can be installed without making structural modifications to your stairway.

Ensured with Safety and Ease of Operation

To provide seniors with smooth transportation to the different floors, stairway chairlifts are provided with outstanding safety features. These include swivel seat, seat belts, folding arms, padded armrest and safety brakes. Stairway chairlifts are also provided with obstruction sensors, which detect the obstacles on its moving path. The obstruction sensor stops the lift automatically when it encounters an obstacle. This prevents the user from getting injured and the lift from getting damaged. Stair chairlifts are also built with folding facility. This enables the user to keep the lift folded when it is not in use. This leaves the stairways free for other users.

Another significant point is that these chairlift models can be operated using AC and DC power. The DC model stair lifts are built with battery backup feature and therefore the lifts can be used even during power breakdowns. When compared with the AC model, DC models are far more expensive. In addition, the wall panels and other elements of the different models can be customized according to your needs.

Moreover, stair chairlifts are also provided with handheld button controls, remote and joystick controls. This enables ease of operation for seniors with restricted hand mobility.

The Right product makes the Difference

When purchasing stairway chairlifts for seniors, it is essential to choose the right model. Make an evaluation of your requirements, the amount of disability of the intended user and the budget limitations. At present reliable models are offered by different manufacturers. It would be ideal if you can collect some knowledge about the available models, integrated technologies and their price ranges. This will help you to choose the perfect model that suits your requirements and budget. The leading manufacturers who are offering consistent stairway chairlifts with warranty include ThyssenKrupp Access, Bruno and Savaria Concord.

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