Smartlipo – A New Laser Body Sculpting Procedure

If you are looking for a fast and safe way to destroy excess fat cells, then SmartLipo is the best choice. SmartLipo is a new laser body sculpting procedure that uses the power of laser to melt away localized fat. Pioneered in Europe, SmartLipo is the first FDA-approved laser-assisted liposuction procedure that promises successful fat reduction and body toning, eliminating sagginess and bringing back your youthful appearance.

Smart Choice for Getting Rid of Pesky Fat

This procedure helps to sculpt the body by removing excess fat deposits from specific areas of the body including abdomen, face, neck, buttocks, upper arms, chin, inner and outer thighs, hips, cheeks, waist, and more  – all with minimal scarring and down time.

SmartLipo can be easily done under local anesthesia – enhancing client safety and with minimum risks. After undergoing the treatment, the patients can return to work in a few days – within a day or two.

Advantages of SmartLipo

This treatment has many advantages over conventional methods, and these include:

•    Smoothest, best body contouring results
•    Speedy recovery
•    Tightens the skin around the treatment area
•    Very little post-operative discomfort
•    Less traumatic
•    Safety
•    Minimal bruising or bleeding
•    No incisions or suturing involved
•    Minimal pain

Good Results and Fewer Side Effects

There are obvious downsides to this treatment such as cost, and your insurance policy may not cover the treatment. However, these downsides are negligible when compared to the potential benefits of SmartLipo. With this innovative procedure, men and women around the world have achieved outstanding results within a brief space of time.

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Manhattan SmartLipo – Park Avenue SmartLipo, staffed by Manhattan plastic surgeons with years of experience, offers fast and safe SmartLipo procedures under local anesthesia at our accredited outpatient surgical facility in Manhattan, New York City.
Dr. Christopher T. Chia is the Surgical Director of Park Avenue SmartLipo, the only certified SmartLipo training facility in New York City. Dr. Christopher T. Chia is a fellowship-trained aesthetic plastic surgeon who holds dual certifications from the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery.


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