Shower Units for the Disabled and Elderly

Barrier free shower units can give the disabled and the elderly, a chance to be on their own, when they are showering. Showering with a caregiver or loved one in the room can quite embarrassing especially since the act of showering has been private for such a long period in your life. No longer will you require the assistance of a caregiver or have to go into assisted living simply because you are unable to shower on your own. Shower units safeguard your body if you are disabled or elderly. Most of these showers employ rail guards, slip resistant ceramic flooring, grab bars and accessible ramps. Let us consider all the choices available before making a purchase. This will be your future investment in the continued prosperity of your health.

Shower units are showers designed to protect you, but more importantly give you the right to feel as you should be, independent. It should not be considered a special shower but a shower that is designed to accommodate and protect you. Whether you are elderly or disabled it doesn’t matter. These handicap showers are designed with dimensions, and precautions in mind. The most common installations are hand rails (to grab onto to prevent falls), smaller bath tubs, (to prevent your head from sinking if you fall asleep or pass out in the bath), or resistant slip flooring to prevent tripping. These showers make sense if you expect to get hurt easily. Shower units for the elderly follow a strict ADA (Americans with disabilities act) regulation process.

Installation is an investment, and should be considered it. The cost of a normal community home shower installation is roughly around one thousand (not necessarily accounting for labor), so the cost could be between one to three thousand dollars. Most showers require minimal upkeep once installed. However, considering that the average hospital visit is much more (not even considering nursing care) the investment pays for itself. You may even consider doing away with the curb and level the shower with the floor. Curb free showers are very stylish and creates an open shower environment, free from obstacles.

Shower units provide safety to you, and let you live independently. They are cheap for their investment, and make a lot sense!

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There are more affordable options on creating yourself the handicap showers environment. Start by adding handicap shower heads and wall mounted shower stools to your showering area. These simple introductions to your bathroom can reduce the chances of slipping in a shower.


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